Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can you start my project?

Our crew is prepared to begin working on your project as soon as we agree to the details and signed a contract. This will ensure that we understand the expectations and agree to the details.

How do we pay you?

At Rotex Excavation, we will create a project plan at our first meeting that details every cost aspect of the project. Payment will be expected at various points during the project, and will be spelled out clearly in the contract to avoid surprises. Our financial specialist can help advise you with lenders that can help you apply for home equity lines of credit if necessary.

What can I expect during the project?

After we discuss your ideas, we will work together to create a detailed contact and production schedule. At Rotex Excavation, we want to know your goals for the project, things that might concern you, and where your budget is fixed. Once our crew begins to work, we keep you updated every step along the way.

What kind of crew do you utilize?

We only use the highest quality, professional and skilled workers, all of whom are fully bonded and insured. In addition, they all meet licensing requirements.

Where do the products come from that you need for my project?

All project requirements differ, but we strive to use local resources as much as possible. With years of experience in the industry, we have relationships with many quality manufacturers and businesses that allow us to pass on the savings to you.

Why choose Rotex Excavation?

Rotex Excavation is a full service general contracting provider and we pride ourselves on delivering quality workmanship, guaranteed services and impeccable client care. Our team is comprised of only the most skilled, efficient and diligent employees who are friendly and knowledgeable in all matters relating to general contracting. We have worked extremely hard in order to earn this reputation and have successfully become a leading provider within our industry. One thing that allows us to stand apart from other companies is that Rotex Excavation has never forgotten our humble roots or where we have come from and our goals remain the same!

What type of equipment do you have?

We have a Cat 305.5 12000# excavator that is great for tight areas, but powerful enough for the bigger projects like lot clearing, it can dig up to 13 ft. deep and also has a dozer blade to move and smooth material. We also have a Cat 259D skid/track loader, a Mahindra backhoe loader, and a dump trailer along with lots of specialty tools to perform a multitude of tasks.

What type of attachments do you have?

We have a wide assortment of buckets, grade beams, an auger, mower deck, box blade and forks to accomplish whatever the task at hand. We also have an Encon tilt rotator that allows us to be most efficient when excavating. Along with the exterior attachments we use computer guided electronics for precision and efficiency.

What can you excavate?

We can excavate septic, culverts, driveways, house pads, addition foundations drainage systems. Just about anything, if you need it excavated, we can take care of you.

What size of projects do you work on?

We focus on small to medium jobs but we have the knowledge and access to the equipment for the bigger projects, give us a call and let us evaluate your project.

Can I carry out my own excavation?

While it is possible for you to carry out your own excavation, our years of experience, wide array of tools including hand tools, transit level, and other necessary items make hiring a professional well worth the time.

Will the excavation damage my property, or that of my neighbors?

Any time you use heavy equipment to alter the layout of the ground there is going to be areas of disturbance. It is our job at Rotex Excavation to minimize the disturbance, and with the use of some of our cutting-edge attachments we can and will do our best to be the least invasive and most efficient, and we will always leave your project as clean as possible.

Do I need to arrange insurance?

The land owner should and is required to carry their own homeowners' policy, but we as general contractors carry Liability insurance as well as a performance bond.

What happens in wet weather?

Wet weather can have an effect on the project in some situations, but for the most part projects continue to get done, it all depends on the severity of the storm.