Make Sure You Build on Solid Ground With a Preferred Excavation Company

Make Sure You Build on Solid Ground With a Preferred Excavation Company

Arrange for professional excavation & land clearing services in Florence, Waldport or Veneta, OR & the greater Eugene area

At Rotex Excavation, we're site preparation specialists that offer grading, utility line excavation and land clearing services in Florence, Waldport and Veneta, OR areas. Hire us to clear and grade your plot of land before you begin building a new home or place of business. We use tractors, bulldozers and excavators to clear and grade sites. We're a grading contractor that will remove brush, debris and trash from your property and then level out the area to make sure you have even ground to build on.

If you need to install utility lines, we can excavate and dig trenches with advanced equipment and technology to minimize yard damage. We'll dig trenches for your water, sewer and cable lines quickly and safely.

Don't trust just anyone to dig on your property. Arrange for reliable excavation services by calling 541-999-7280 now.

Why hire a pro to do your excavation work?

Rotex Excavation specializes in excavation services in Florence, Oregon and surrounding areas. You should hire a professional grading contractor to complete your excavation project because we're experienced in:

  • Reducing erosion problems
  • Drainage systems
  • Land clearing and site preparation
  • Utility lines
  • Digging and trenching
  • General grading
  • Installing septic systems

Get in touch with us today to schedule land clearing services. We'll clear out your property and give you a blank canvas to build on.




We're even licensed to install septic systems

Don't let an unfortunate system failure cause thousands in damages. Call Rotex Excavation in Florence, OR, to install a custom-built septic system for your home. We'll handle everything from digging on your property to installation. if you don't know where to start, call us for to speak with an experienced professional

Call 541-999-7280 to schedule excavation services today.